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关于创源 / About Inno

公司简介 / Company Profile


广东创 源节能环保有限公司创建于1998年。


公司位 于广东省江门市。江门市 是珠江三角洲的城市之一;也是粤 港澳大湾区的成员之一。交通便利,未来的发展机遇无限。


公司的远景是“帮助有 梦想的员工绽放人生,努力成 为环保行业的领导品牌。”


公司董事长、华南理工大学博导、教授汪晓军,引领着一群对“环保事业”有情怀的人——环保行业专家、经验丰富的管理人员、思维严 密的设计工程师、勇拓市场的营销者、上千个 成功项目的现场安装工匠,精益求精,不断创新。


公司主 要经营范围为研发、设计、承接工 业废水治理项目(电镀线路板、涂装、纺织印染、化工、食品等)、海水淡化、零排放项目;研发、生产、销售环保专用设备、纯水设备、净水设 备以及企业环境治理顾问服务及项目运营。



公司以“品质开创市场,诚信赢得发展”为经营理念,构建ISO9001质量管理体系,并取得体系认证证书。技术实 力加上优秀品质,深得客 户的认可和高度评价。



Guangdong Chuangyuan(Innoant)Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Co. Ltd was founded in 1998.


The company is located in Jiangmen, Guangdong province. The city is one of the Pearl River Delta city; and in China's Great Bay Area(Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area). The transportation is convenient, and the future development is full of new opportunities.


The company's vision is " let employees realize their value and to be the leading brands of the environmental protection industry."


Mr. Wang Xiaojun is the chairman of the company, and he is the South China University of Technology professor, tutor for PHD. The company has environmental protection industry experts, experienced management personnel, strict thinking design engineers, marketers, and thousands of successful site installers. Keep improving and innovating.


The company's main business is seawater desalination, treatment of industrial wastewater (electroplating circuit board, painting, textile printing and dyeing, chemical industry, food, etc.), zero discharge, reclaimed water and online resource reuse, pure water and ultra-pure water, sludge reduction, and other environmental protection project design, equipment, installation and commissioning.


The company takes "the quality to create the market, the integrity wins the development" as the management idea, constructs the ISO9001 quality management system, and obtains the system certification. The technical strength plus the excellent quality, obtain the customer's approval and the high evaluation.






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